Swamp Cooler Conversions

Is it time to convert your old swamp cooler to refrigerated air?  Give us a call for a no obligation estimate.  We offer 100% financing options with deferred payments and 0% interest OAC.
Our company will never push you into a sale.  Our company was founded on the principle of service and repair not replacement.  We will not sell you something you dont need or want.  As one of our many services, we will offer you replacement options if you request; or if its in your best interest.  Click above to schedule or give us a call today. 
We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our air conditioning replacements and conversions.  If you are not 100% satisfied with our product or service we will happily come back and resolve any issue.  If we still can not completely satisfy you, and made every effort to correct the problem.  SoBellas Home Services will happily remove our equipment and refund the original purchase price.  Let me ask you, who will stand behind their work like that?  Whats the risk?  We make you happy or we let our competition try.  Give us a call.
How Will I Know When I Should "Repair It or Replace It?"
Sooner of later, this question comes to every home owner. How long does a heater and air conditioner last?
What is the reasonable , useful life expectancy? Why replace it if it still heats and cools?
Answers to these questions will vary from home to home, so here are some guidelines that will help. And remember, you can call us and we will be happy to assist you.
It may be time to replace your existing air conditioning system if,
•You are using more energy than in past years.
•The unit runs all the time and can't keep your home comfortable .
•Your current air conditioner is more than 15 years old.
•Your equipment needs expensive repairs every year.
•The compressor has failed.
•You have to re-charge it with freon year to year.
•Your air conditioner is noisy.
•Some rooms in your home are too warm or too cold.
•Your home seems humid, which is caused by poor system operation or leakage of the air duct system.
•Your home gets dusty when you operate your air conditioner, which could also mean a problem with the air duct system and/or air filtration system.
Typically, the more energy-efficient a system is, the higher its initial cost. How quickly that cost can be recovered depends on several factors, including :
•How many hours your system runs each year.
•Shading around your home
•How long you plan to live in your home?
And, construction and energy efficient upgrades that have been performed, such as:
air conditoning repair•Roofing
•Insulation (attic and wall)
•Windows (single of double pane)
•Design of your home

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