Costly New Laws in Heating Repair

Proposed federal energy laws want new heater requirements. After May 1st 2013, the proposal is anyone replacing an old furnace with a new one must replace it with a furnace that has an efficiency of at least 90%. This will mean great additional cost for a lot of homeowners, as not only are these furnaces thousands of dollars more expensive than the current standard 80% efficient models, but the way these furnaces install and vent will require some extensive work in older homes. This additional labor and equipment can lead to thousands of dollars more in installation costs.

The proposed Federal Energy Star requirements mean that any contractor installing a furnace of less than 90% efficiency after May 1st is breaking the law and may be prosecuted. This means contractors will have an excess of stock of the 80% furnaces, and that consumers looking to replace their furnaces only have a limited time to take advantage of it.

The new higher efficiency heater models vent from the side and produce condensation so cannot be installed with the same venting system as the old furnaces. The old original vents would simply rust away due to the new found condensation produced. Given that they must vent out the side as well, extensive pipe restructuring and relocation might be needed.  This means sheet rock work and painting, do to new holes being drilled in the walls for the heater vents.

Contractors have been left with a surplus of old furnace stock they are looking to unload. One local company, SoBellas Home Services, has decided to offer a big discount on the standard 80% efficiency furnace to sell off their stock before it becomes illegal to install it. Your SoBellas Home Services, Mike, said “This is a great opportunity for consumers to save a lot of money. Consumers stand to lose if they wait until May.”

Luckily there is a new proposed settlement that could rescind the above regional standards for residential gas furnaces

In a settlement filed late Friday afternoon, the Department of Energy has agreed to withdraw the pending minimum energy requirements that include higher efficient standards for residential home gas furnaces. The DOE also agrees that it will initiate a new rule making for minimum energy conservation standards for residential furnaces. At this time, the settlement is not final and still must be accepted by the Court.

SoBellas Home Services can be contacted on 915-585-2811 but they say that this already popular offer will only last as long as the stock of standard furnaces, and they’re not ordering any more until all plans are finalized with the government.