AC Repair and Tune-up

In the twenty first century, it is not easy to imagine living in a house without an air conditioner. Yet these units, just like any other electromechanical appliances, do break down. This means that there is need for their maintenance and servicing to ensure that they do not break down frequently. In case one does break down, El Paso and Las Cruces heating and cooling technicians are available who can fix them.

There are cases where a unit breaks down completely without any chance for repair. In that case, the only thing which can be done is to purchase a new one for replacement. However, in most cases there are a lot of things which can be done before an AC unit is completely written off. 

Most AC vendors have programs in place for their servicing. Customers elect to sign up for this air conditioning service when they buy or install a unit. In some cases, the contract extends to minor repairs on the units. Components covered by the warranty are replaced without any labor cost charge. 

Since a warranty cannot cover everything, and most of them have time limits, sometimes it is necessary to get an independent El Paso or Las Cruces technician to work on a unit. The importance of getting a skilled and experienced technician cannot be ignored. 

There are only a few things really which cause most problems with air conditioners. One of them is the thermostat, the fuse and the switches. These are things which must be promptly checked before calling in a service technician. If these are alright then it is not advisable to pry the unit apart a technician should be immediately contacted.

The filters are some of the most cause of AC problems. If the filter is clogged up with dirt, then it will not perform its function efficiently and airflow over the coils will be affected. The refrigerant level should also be checked regularly. Very low levels will result in poor cooling ability of the air conditioner. In fact, the coils can even freeze up.

Then there is failure of the fan motor to rotate. This is definitely a cause for AC repair. The fan is central to the function of the AC and it cannot be ignored. When air doe not flow properly in an air conditioner, the coils freeze. There are mechanical as well as electrical problems which may necessitate AC repair.